Beautiful video of people jumping into a lake. On a bike.

This film makes me want to ride my bike, shoot some video, and jump in a lake. Man I wish it was still summer.

Also, click here for some additional footage, which in some ways I like even better. The videography is by Kristen Hillier.

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The latest issue of Wired UK features La Pendelino giving the rundown on her favourite tracks to work out, part of a fluff piece to promote EA Sports Active Personal Trainer on the Wii.


Anyone else thinks Queen Victoria looks like Princess from Battle of the Planets?


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From the website of Building Design, is this animation of the Velodrome for the London Olympics 2012. Designed by Hopkins Architects, the velodrome looks set to be one of the highlights of the Olympic park, and will finally give London a world-class indoor cycle track. The video is a superbly well-crafted flythrough of the winning design. I love the way the video transforms from the wireframe tracery of the riders to a full color animation. All that’s missing is the obligatory Kraftwerk soundtrack.

Download (22.5Mb).

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I can’t look at this image without seeing it as a cycle track.

Psychedlic track

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I could look at this picture all day.


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